Did you know that all of our stamps can be used interchangeably for both baking and crafting? A simple wash allows a quick changeover from cookies to crafting and back again, since our PaperClay is a safe, non-toxic medium. When air dried, paper crafts are very light weight and can be used as ornaments, tags or decorations to suit your needs. Take a look and see how simple it is!

PaperClay 8 Ounces | CookieStamp.com

Start with an 8 ounce package of PaperClay, which will make 60-70 cookie stamp sized craft items


Roll out a small ball of dough to about 1/8 inch thick (amount shown is about 1/8 of package)


Choose the designs you’d like to make and press the stamps firmly and evenly into the clay.  You can use a 2 inch round cutter to get a clean edge for your design.  Store any leftover clay in an air tight plastic bag to re-use.


Place the finished stamps on a rack to dry overnight.  You can poke a small hole in the wet clay if you want to add string or ribbon.  NOTE: the rough-edged flower basket was made by pressing a small ball of PaperClay directly on to the surface of the stamp. This can make a thinner finished piece with a real hand made look, and is a great, simple technique to use when working with kids!


When dry, you can sand down any rough edges or unwanted bumps with a clean file or a bit of fine sandpaper in just seconds.


A simple wash and you can use your stamps to make cookies to match – see our Basic Cookie Stamp Preparation & Helpful Hints


1015 Maple Lead_Papercraft stamp | CookieStamp.com

You can even paint your paper craft designs after they’ve dried fully, then make cookies and add a tag to match! This tag was made by one of our talented customers.

To find more ideas, see our entire selection of craft items on our Craft Stamps & Supplies page. Happy baking and crafting!




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