How To Use Cookie Stamps

Step 1

Shop Shop our selection of over 100 designs and choose your favorites. Shipping cost remains the same whether you buy 1 or up to 6, so stock up and save!

Step 2

Make Your Favorite Recipe! Grab your own, or check out our recipes if you’re looking to try something new. Simply follow the directions to make the cookie dough, roll the dough into balls and stamp them with your favorite cookie stamp designs.

Step 3

Decorate! Leave your cookies plain and let your cookie stamp design shine, or decorate them with your favorite frosting or sugar.

For helpful tips and tricks on how to use your new stamps, check out our recipe section!

Our Story

After retiring from a busy career, I found it simply wasn’t in my nature to be idle, so I searched for something to do that would satisfy both my love of cooking and enjoyment of meeting new people who share that enthusiasm.

The opportunity arose late in 2015, when the Rycrafts decided to try retirement. I learned that they wanted to sell their inventory on a Tuesday, arranged to meet with them on Thursday, and flew home on Friday as a new business owner.

Yikes! I’d collected their cookie stamps for many years and had over 100 in my own collection, but now there were 195,000 more on the way. It was a bit hectic at first, but with the help of my son Chris, we were ready when the first load arrived in a snowstorm and have never looked back.

We love to see people passing on traditions with their children and grandchildren, teaching them not only to bake, but to share the fruits of their labor with others. It’s our wish that you enjoy our products as much as we do, and maybe experiment beyond cookies to crafting with paper, clay, even chocolate!

We love our customers and are so grateful for your enthusiastic support, thank you!

With our best wishes from beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan, we hope you enjoy our products and that they can help you create your own traditions!

Trusted Brands

Every baker knows quality ingredients can make or break the cookie. These are the brands we use and trust in our recipes.

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