School House


Our School House Cookie Stamp is a 2″ terra cotta stamp, great for crafts as well as baking.  There aren’t many schools left that look like this one, but its uniqueness is really charming.  You could make a papercraft card for your childrens’ new teachers, and attach it to a nice plate of matching cookies to thank them for all their hard work.

And on those nights when your child remembers at bedtime that he needs 2 dozen cookies in the morning for school, you can: A) Get dressed, go to the store if it’s still open and buy some  B) Try to figure out how to make graham crackers look like cookies by morning or  C) Make a quick 4 ingredient cookie dough, roll it into 1″ balls, press with the School House stamp and in mere minutes have perfect little Schoolhouse cookies cooling on the counter as you crawl into bed.  Your choice, but trust us, no one is fooled by graham crackers.

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